Images from Madrid circa 2003

I was in Madrid for about 6 nights in the Summer of 2003.  We stayed around the Sol area. Turned out that Madrilenos go to the beach in August and the place was pretty much deserted. We did have a couple of mad nights out though. Chueca, which was within walking distance, was crammed with friendly gay euro bars clustered around a central square and became our usual haunt.

The main bullring in Madrid was called Ventas and was a couple of stops on the train beyond Retiro – the main park. I had never been to a bull fight before.  The ring itself is an interesting and ornate building and I couldn’t resist taking this shot.

Ventas - Bullring

Walking around Madrid, I found quite a few cool locations for black and white photography. This underground shot was perfect.

Subway in Madrid

I was also experimenting with Infra Red filters and had a Hoya 72 on the front of my 28mm lens.  This allowed for some really interesting and pleasing shots. On the last day, I eventually found the Ebod Temple. This monument was a gift from the Egypt to the Spanish. I set up my tripod and grabbed this.

Ebod Temple



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