Photographs from Belfast and the Antrim Coast

I arrived in Belfast and felt immediately at home wandering around the city. I spent some time travelling about -first down to the mountains of Mourne and Newcastle. Later I hired a car and travelled along the Antrim coast. The drive was spectacular – it was the middle of Summer and the weather was hot. If you go to this part of Ireland, I can’t recommend this drive more highly. I passed through town after town, hugging the coastal road. Carnlough, Carrick-a-rede, Bushmills brewery, Portrush – there were many stops on the way yet the drive to Portstewart was completed within the day.

I woke early and headed down to The Giant’s Causeway. Legend has it that this UNESCO world heritage site was created by the giant Finn Macool as a roadway to Scotland. The reality is that the causeway is actually 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns formed during a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago. The causeway is at the bottom of a long road and you kind of just stumble upon it. The columns of rock descending into the crashing waves of the Irish sea make for an amazing black and white photographic print.


The Giants Causeway

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I returned to Belfast and sought out the historic building of Stormont – home to the Northern Irish Assembly. It surprised me how deserted the place was. The front of the building makes for an excellent black and white pseudo infra red photograph .



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