Sigma SD9, Sigma SD10 and Sigma SD14 Plus Images

Sigma SD9My first foray into black and white digital photography was with the Sigma SD9 which I began using around 2004. The sensor is unique in digital cameras and is made by Foveon. It is three layered and captures light in a completely different manner to Bayer sensor DSLRs. I would have to say that this sensor gives the most film like images of any DSLR sensor. About a year later, I added the Sigma SD10 to my collection as this camera has improved low light sensitivity through the use of microlenses on the sensor. Both of these cameras produce outstanding 14Mp files although many photographers like to argue about the true resolution.

Recently, I began using the Sigma SD14. This camera has an improved Foveon sensor which is larger than the Sigma SD9 and SD10 one. Having used it for the last two months, I can honestly say the camera is a huge improvement over the SD9 and SD10. The following galleries show the abilities of this camera well.

Dublin Slideshow

Marrakesh Slideshow

Marrakesh2 Slideshow


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