In Istanbul Part 3 – The little boy, The seller and Haghia Sophia

Ayia SophiaOne of the most significant building in Istanbul is the Haghia Sophia. (Sometimes referred to as the Ayia Sophia) This building has been both  The Turk, Istanbul church and a mosque through the years. As Istanbul changed Religion, so did the Haghia Sophia. Today, the building is a museum but it still manages to maintain its ethereal qualities.

In the melee beneath this famous building I ran into many sellers. This man was selling juice and was happy to pose for his picture in the baking mid day heat.

Little BoyLater, I went down to sea front at Besiktas for something to eat. There on the Bosphorus stood this little boy. I thought this would make a great picture so I quickly and surreptitiously shot a number of images. This was the best one.


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