Sigma DP2 – New Camera with samples

Sigma have announced the specification of the new DP2 camera. This camera is a follow up of the DP1 released last year. It has a 50mm 2.8 lens (equivalent) as opposed to the DP1’s  28mm equivalent f4 lens. Other features include:-

JPEG FPS increased over the DP1 from 3 FPS to 4 FPS.
– ISO 50-1600
– Orientation is now recorded to the images
– Movies are AVI format 320×240 pixels at 30 FPS

– “Color Mode” is now selectable (standard, vivid, neutral, portrait, landscape, black & white, sepia)

– Contrast, sharpness, saturation are now editable

– Auto exposure mode was removed from the DP2 which now has program, aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual.

– A new “My Settings” has been added to the DP2. Three of these settings can be saved.

– Russian language added to UI
– Real-time histogram
– Grid display now has selectable divisions of 4, 9, & 16

– Interval timer allows you to set between 30 seconds up to 24 hours and from two exposures without an upper limit.

– LCD is larger with the same pitch of 230,000 pixels, but it has a new anti-reflective coating to improve visibility.

– The DP2 can use the AML-1 closeup lens as well as the HC-11 hard case

More details can be found here :-


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