Nude Study Black and White



Macro Photography – Flowers and Still Life

One of the first decent lenses I ever got was the 50mm f2.8 Sigma EX Macro lens. Being a primes lens and part of Sigma’s professional EX range, this lens is sharp. It was also outstanding value for money. I think I paid about £170 for it. The lens allows you to take 1:1 macro photography. Here are two samples I took using it.

Flower Macro

Petals and folds Macro

My only criticism, if that is the right word, is that with this lens to achieve closeup macro shots like the ones above you need to be right in there. The barrel extends right into the scene and for both shots I was literally about 2cm away. This is fine for still life flower shots but a lot more difficult when trying to capture moving objects. Sigma do have longer telephoto macros lenses that might be more suitable for this type of application but I have yet to use one.


A Brief break from Black and White Photography

Yesterday, I took my Sigma SD10, which is still a great camera, and removed the filter from in front of its mirror. I then spent the day shooting with, and without, a Hoya R72 Infra Red filter attached. It produced some outstanding results. I particularly liked this shot. The web version really doesn’t do the colours of the image justice.

The Red Carpet

I think this will be the way I will use the SD10 from now on. – As a sort of experimental/infra red back up camera. I have trips to London and Tuscany booked for the next month and am looking forward to trying this combination out.

What was interesting was that the Hoya filter could be discarded and the camera would produce very interesting images. I found without the Hoya the best way to expose was to dial in a negative -3 stops. I will probably come back and post more images as they arrive.


 These are two more from that session. The images themselves are not much to look at but they are not bad considering I didn’t venture out of the house!